Bill Sutherland has started a revolution in conservation. Put simply he’d “like us to stop doing the things that we know don’t work and do more of the things that do” — and with global collaborators is building the tools to help people achieve this.

Bill Sutherland in Wandlebury Country Park by Lloyd Mann

Nyandire Reinhard (credit: Sir Cam)

Duncan Astle is a neuroscientist on a mission to understand why the brains of some children develop differently to others — and how it affects not just their education but their lives. He also chairs the University’s LGBT+ Staff Network. He talks about the Network’s recent decision to sign a declaration that trans rights are human rights.

Dr Tobias Baldauf likes nothing better than seeing an equation ‘cross reality’. His work is helping us to answer some of the remaining questions about the Universe.

When she’s not making atomic-scale changes to create super-efficient light bulbs and cut carbon emissions, Professor Rachel Oliver has her sights set on helping to level-up equality and diversity in science.

Dr Alex Pryce is the Course Director for the University’s new Foundation Year, which offers a pathway to higher education for disadvantaged students. She explains why increasing access can only be a good thing.

He builds human-sized nests from twigs, spins circles in the garden and torches wicker men at Harvest Moon. The music-loving college gardener Peter Kirkham believes that gardens should be unexpected, relaxed and above all fun.

Peter Kirkham

When Vanessa Chuang and Olivia Taylor became student volunteers, they had no idea they’d need to re-invent their activities as a virtual programme. Despite a turbulent year, they managed to keep supporting vulnerable clients in the local community — and to go ahead with their much-loved Christmas Present Campaign.

Respect for the Mongolian landscape is engrained within her, says Onon Bayasgalan. Her work is helping herders in her home country to preserve livelihoods and lands that are under threat from the luxury fashion industry.

Onon in the grasslands of Mongolia.

University of Cambridge

Research from the University of Cambridge

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